The Best of America

To say the last few days have been interesting is the understatement of the century. Every presidential election is full of hope and angst and judgment and support, but this one … well, you all saw it happen, too. I don’t need to remind you of the media bloodbath that took place. It was not the best of America

(Side note: I’ve never been diligent about praying for our nation’s leaders, but I find my heart very much changed in this regard. The recent things happening with our government have shown me the error of my ways, and the ever-growing need to be on our knees for God’s grace and mercy.)

Now that it’s over, I find myself thinking about what if and what’s next. I was not remotely pleased with either candidate put forth, so the end result was never going to make me “happy,” per se. As a mostly-conservative Christian woman who believes that children are living people with the right to live from the moment of conception, I did not have a representative in Hillary. As an educated woman with a Mexican husband and a biracial daughter, I did not have a representative in Trump. At the end of the day, I didn’t really feel safe with either as my husband’s commander-in-chief. Neither of them is the best of America.

HOWEVER. While all that nonsense was taking place, we had a school concert in which the band and choir students performed a variety of American music. Patriotic songs, folk songs, works by contemporary American composers, etc.

American music.

On a military installation.

With an audience full of military and DoD personnel.

In a high school gym.

I mean, really. It doesn’t get much more American than that. The final piece of the evening was a combined performance of “America, the Beautiful,” and we invited the audience to join us in singing. As we prepared to close the evening, we thanked our audience (parents, staff, administration, community members) for supporting our students and programs in so many ways. I took a moment to mention that that day was such a big day for America … but that none of it mattered much in that moment, in comparison with what was taking place in that gymnasium.

Whatever Mr. Trump’s presidency holds, I pray that such moments continue to happen and to show who we truly can be as a nation. Those people, those students, that community, coming together in honor and strength and unity and friendship. They are my representatives. THEY are the best of America.


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